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Personal Effectiveness

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At Work Better, Personal Effectiveness covers : Time Management, Corporate Grooming & Etiquette, Handling Conflict, Networking Skills, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving & Decision Making…

“An organization can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that the people who drive that organization are striving to become better-versions-of-themselves.” – – Tom Peters

In today’s economy, if your business isn’t learning, then you’re going to fall behind. And a business learns as its people learn. People make an organisation. It’s imperative for an organisation to know that their people are ‘knowledge partners’. While they are expected to work towards the organisational goals, the company on its part, has to engage them and help them develop and grow as effective professionals.

On the other hand, professionals have to be aware that just being technically good at your job isn’t enough today – strong people skills are equally critical. You must be able to communicate, influence and motivate your colleagues and clients to better your productivity, enhance relationships and improve business. Many people, however, are left to acquire these skills through trial and error.

Build a Culture of Excellence with Work Better Training

Work Better Training partners with its clients to help build a high performance business culture, with a focus on developing crucial aspects of it’s people. Whether it’s grooming, time management & execution or interpersonal skills, we engage facilitators who are specialists in their respective domains and help professionals develop capabilities through their experience, knowledge and expertise.

We empower people and help them realise that they can have control over many aspects of their job and their environment by making appropriate choices and responses. They learn steps they can take to either initiate changes they want or change their attitude about those they dislike and/or cannot control. Our programs increase people’s awareness – about themselves and others, help manage their behaviours better, give them confidence and equip them with skills to be responsible contributors at the workplace and to deal more effectively with colleagues and customers.

Designed to build industry competencies, our programs are founded on best international practices and are validated by industries and employers. The objective is to steer people towards excellence with an increased motivation. To turn professionals into high skilled performers.


Customer Service

Category : Training

Our tailor-made Service programs enable your team to develop exceptional customer service skills to retain and also further increase your customer base. Make your customers fall in Love with you.

In the 21st century with the free flow of communication, most products and processes deployed by companies are similar. The way they are perceived in the customer’s mind is relatively similar. What makes the difference then, is the experience given to the Customers and how they are made to feel during their interactions with your organization.

Excellence in Customer Service can make a huge difference and can be the key differentiator for any organisation in building customer loyalty. It is what transforms a mere business transaction into a memorable experience for the customers and coworkers alike.

Work Better Training strongly believes that this ‘Culture of Service’ cannot be present just at the front line or as a strategy with the top management. It should be ingrained in the environment of the organisation: Frontline interacting with the end customers, leaders acknowledging and promoting excellence in service and even when employees are dealing with their internal customers!

Achieving World-Class Customer Service at every level requires strong service leadership to develop service-oriented processes, implemented by an effective management and excellent teamwork to support an army of skilled, caring and motivated people on the front line.

What does the Work Better School on Customer Service have to offer?

Work Better Training understands the importance and the difference that a world class ‘Service Culture’ can make to an organisation’s Business Results.

Our team of dedicated experts have thoroughly studied and developed extremely practical, real and result oriented methods to drive the Service Excellence intiative inside out in organisations.

Customised service training solutions integrated with measurement, reinforcement tools and coaching ensure sustained development of professionals. Various touch points will be created to generate awareness, highlight importance and equip employees to excel in service.

It’s time we instil our people with the knowledge, skills and experiences they will need, to achieve success as service professionals. To represent the organisation & the brand confidently!



Category : Training

Effective communication forms the base of any crucial corporate interaction. Our interventions identify your communication challenges and guide you to explore practical techniques of improving on them.

Effective Communication is fundamental to the optimum functioning of any organization. Its importance can never be over emphasized and it is one of the most critical factors to success. Communication could be the single most time-consuming activity if not done correctly and efficiently. On the other hand, efficient communication can be a catalyst to the progress of a professional and an organization.

The cause for any crisis/misunderstanding/error more often than not is traced down to a gap in communication. It is integral to the professionalism of a business and its people. It is also the foundation of relationship building between people within as well as outside of the organisation. An efficient system of communication helps in clear understanding, good production, and a healthy climate within the organization.

The advantages of effective communication are manifold. A leader communicating well to her team saves time by avoiding multiple interactions, ensures productivity by being clear and specific on the goals. An employee who clarifies any doubts that may exist, is assertive and ensures unambiguity in turn showing better results at work and also minimising the possibilites of conflict with peers or customers.

Work Better believes in driving the process of Communication Training through a holistic approach. From mapping competency levels to conducting pre-workshop assignments, post training engagement mechanisms and follow up sessions, our programs are designed to help professionals and organisations optimise their ability to communicate professionally.

They will assist you with skills necessary to ensure that you not only relay your message and ideas effectively but that it carries the impact you desire. Each course is designed on the basis of areas of improvement marked and the objectives identified for the project.

So why wait? Equip your employees to help them communicate effectively and convincingly, whether its writing an email, making a report or conducting a meeting:



Category : Training

Our Leadership School will help strengthen your foundation as a leader and reinvent how effectively you manage and successfully sustain high-performance in your teams.

Leadership is a position of responsibility & influence. Responsibility to take the organisation in the desired direction of progress by influencing and inspiring others to accomplish their individual as well as team and organisational goals.

The absence of effective leadership can lead to an organisation moving slowly, stagnating or even losing its way. Whether the group being overseen is called employees, associates, co-workers or teammates, what they are looking for is someone in whom they can place their trust. Someone whom not only that they can – but that they want to – follow.

Lead the Work Better Way

Work Better Training is a strong advocate of the principle that ‘Good and Effective leaders are made, not born’. They develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. They DO NOT, at any point, rest on their laurels. Be it a leadership position for the 1st time or of a veteran, there is never a time when one can’t upgrade their leadership skills.

Work Better Training is dedicated to creating world class visionary leaders focussed on establishing an environment of success for their organisation, their teams and for themselves.

The role of a business leader is multifaceted which encompasses driving growth and performance, optimizing strategies, generating synergies across teams and creating opportunities beyond the current business. We help create efficient leaders who can balance competing demands while maintaining the big-picture focus for success. And to create leaders of an excellent calibre who can add value to the organisation, it is important to focus on their holistic development.

On the basis of solid research by our team along with our sharp focus on Leadership Development, Work Better training has build some concrete tools & techniques to help develop sound leadership skills and imbibe the clear, simple, fundamental principles that lie behind good leadership.

Through our break through training solutions and methodologies, we help create stronger, action oriented & more impactful leaders who emerge with strategies and insights that help unleash a leadership culture across the organization.

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